Today I did something out of the ordinary: I went home for lunch.  That’s right folks, normally I stay on campus for lunch because I’m too lazy to take 4 minutes and walk to my flat to fix myself something to eat.  My normal lunch consists of a coffee and a muffin at the library café, but today was out of the ordinary.  Why?  Because at 12 I had an appointment with the chiropractor.  Why such a big deal?  Because I vehemently dislike the chiropractor.  While her treatment helps (although my back is sore now…) the whole process is really off-putting for me.  Because I went to the chiropractor I get tea; I think there’s a law about that somewhere.

Now, perhaps some contextualization here.  I LOVE TEA.  It is just impossible to feel unhappy while drinking tea (as one of my history professors says, “Tea is the drink that cheereth but doth not inebriate”) and it comes in so many flavours and varieties.  Now let’s be clear; I like black tea and rooibos tea.  That green tea stuff that people call tea is not tea, it some infusion of all sorts of fruits and things, euch.  I want tea, not a laxative.  And I should also note that tea ought be made in a pot, not with a bag dangled in a cup of water.  (You will see many more rantings and postings about tea and my proclivity for it if you continue to read my blog.)

So I went home after the chiropractor and had tea, with my tea I had Egg-in-a-Hole.  I like eggs because you can do so many different things to them: poach, fry, scramble, Eggs Benedict, the list goes on.  Egg-in-a-Hole is great because it’s different than just eggs and toast, there’s just something about it.  And it’s super simple too.

Start by cutting a round hole in your slice of bread.  You could do this using a cookie cutter (or if you are like me and don’t have a round cookie cutter– I am personally against round cookie cutters– use a glass with the desired diameter.)

Next, melt a nob of butter into a fry pan as if you were going to fry an egg.  You’ll want a larger nob however because you are frying the whole slice of bread and the egg.
Once your butter is melted, place the slice of bread (and the cut-out too, this is arguably the best part) onto the fry pan and crack an egg in the centre.  Don’t forget the salt and pepper (no egg should ever be eaten without salt and pepper).

Cook for a few minutes, about as long as you would cook a fried egg and then flip (s’n’p again!).

Once the egg is cooked, you’re ready to eat!

What’s that with it you may ask?  Well that, my friends is tea.  Loose leaf Chai Tea from  And David’s Tea is the best tea out there!


egg (one per serving)
bread (one per serving)
salt and pepper

1. Cut hole in slice of bread
2.  Melt nob of butter in fry pan and place bread in pan
3. Crack egg into the hole of the bread, s’n’p
4. Fry and flip.

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